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    My art is my “journal,” composed from my own version of the landscape, and developed from a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors. Often the images I use are from my memories, as I strive to capture the mood, rather than the details of a place. The majority of my work is representational, but typically not in the manner of traditional realism. I often start a new painting without a specific composition in mind. 


    Most of my paintings utilize a combination of water-based mediums such as acrylic paint and acrylic inks on a variety of surfaces. I often include rice papers and other collage papers to create interesting textures and surfaces. Upon this surface I apply color in a somewhat random manner, and then I develop the images. Sometimes the surface itself suggests a composition and leads me as I complete the painting.

    Originally from the Midwest, I earned my degree in Art from Illinois State University, and then moved to the Greenville, SC area. I managed a dual career as a Graphic Designer and Painter for many years. I have been fortunate to study with many nationally recognized artists along the way, and I enjoy teaching my water media methods as an invited instructor at facilities in the Carolinas and Georgia, as well as at home near Greenville SC. I have been awarded signature membership in the South Carolina Watermedia Society and the Georgia Watermedia Society. Some of my work has been exhibited nationally, and is included in numerous private and corporate collections. 

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